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Rocky Mountain Bikes

Updated: Oct 31, 2022


Call ahead for stock and sizes

Rocky Mountain bike
Rocky Mountain Instinct C70
We are stoked to be one of Rocky Mountain’s new dealers, and one of only a handful in the LA area. Come on in and help us send some SoCal love up to Canada.

Instinct C70

Check out the Instinct if you are looking for a trail bike for more technical riding, bigger jumps, and downhill thrills.

Element A10

The Element is perfect for down-country riding. What does that mean? You can take these bikes out on the trails, but if you like the uphill and the downhill, this bike may be for you.

Altitude PowerPlay

The Altitude PowerPlay has everything you need for aggressive enduro e-biking.


A junior size mountain bike for the lil' shredder.

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