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Picture of Ian


We're passionate about riding.  And we're here to keep you out on the trails.

I started this bike shop in the summer of 2022, with our official opening in September. Before opening the shop, I found myself spending most of my free time hanging out with Will, Jason and Scott, learning about how to fix bikes and riding the local mountain biking trails. When the opportunity came to have my own shop, I jumped on it. It was the dream I didn't even know I had. 

​Lucky for me, Jason, our chief mechanic at C Street Bikes, agreed to work with me on this adventure.  So, you can expect stellar customer service and love for the trails with our new vibe and new store.

Our vision here at C Street Bikes is to share our love of biking with you, the rider, and be a source of support and inspiration for the community.  We'll see you out riding on the trails and working on trail maintenance. 

Hope you enjoy spending time in the shop as much as I do. 

Take it easy,


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