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Kicking off Demos with Forbidden Bikes

C Street Bikes is pumped to kick off its demo fleet with bikes from Forbidden. #highpivotwitchcraft

Forbidden Bikes Dreadnought
Forbidden Dreadnought

Looking to add a day of excitement to your life? Shake things up by testing out a sick new bike.

High pivot mountain bikes are enjoying a new moment. Come see what the fuss is about. Forbidden's bikes are built with a unique Trifecta system that allows the rear wheel to move with the bumps you encounter on the trail. Interested in the mechanics? Read all about it:

Close up of high pivot

Forbidden Bikes makes two bikes- the Druid and the Dreadnought.

The Druid

In Forbidden's own words, "THIS CORNER SLAYING, SQUARE-EDGE HIT DESTROYING HOOLIGAN OF A BIKE WILL TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU RIDE YOUR LOCAL TRAILS FOREVER." An all-around performer, if you're looking for a new companion on the trails, take this bike for a spin.

The Dreadnought

"BIGGER, BURLIER AND READY FOR ANYTHING, THIS MOUNTAIN TAMING BRUISER OF A BICYCLE KNOWS NO BOUNDS, AND NEITHER WILL YOU." If you're looking for that bike to take on a long, downhill run, go ahead, see what this bike can do.

The Demo Program

The Forbidden bikes will demo at $95/day (plus tax). And, you can apply up to three days of demos (for up to 60 days from the date of rental) toward the purchase of a new bike.

Happy riding.


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