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Demo Bikes

C Street Bikes has the best selection of the hottest mountain e-bikes.  We also have pedal bikes, including the high pivot bikes from Forbidden.  Be sure to check back often for new additions.  Contact us for details and to reserve your bike.

Demo Days are Back!!  We post information on upcoming Demo Days on Store Updates & News.

Rocky Mountain Element

Rocky Mountain Element A10

Sizes: M, L

Purpose-built to hit the precise sweet spot between lightweight cross country climbing prowess and technical precision, the Element is the best of both worlds and more. New-levels of climbing efficiency guarantees that oh-so-sweet feeling of riding someone off your wheel. Added levels of stability on fast descents and a pseudo-aggressive seat tube angle provides surprising levels of confidence on tight single track and hairy descents. Light. Stiff. Fast. Smooth. Precise. You’re now in your Element—always.

Rocky Mountain Instinct

Rocky Mountain Instinct

Size: M, L, XL

If you’re looking for one bike that does it all, look no further than the Instinct. Rocky Mountain has designed a bike that’s capable of tackling technical trail riding but still allows you to push the pedals hard on the climbs.

Forbidden Dreadnought

Forbidden Dreadnought

Sizes: M, L

High pivot mountain bikes are enjoying a new moment. Come see what the fuss is about. Forbidden's bikes are built with a unique Trifecta system that allows the rear wheel to move with the bumps you encounter on the trail. The Dreadnought: "BIGGER, BURLIER AND READY FOR ANYTHING, THIS MOUNTAIN TAMING BRUISER OF A BICYCLE KNOWS NO BOUNDS, AND NEITHER WILL YOU." If you're looking for that bike to take on a long, downhill run, go ahead, see what this bike can do.

Forbidden Druid

Forbidden Druid

Sizes: L, XL (runs small, sizes comparable to M, L)

High pivot mountain bikes are enjoying a new moment. Come see what the fuss is about. Forbidden's bikes are built with a unique Trifecta system that allows the rear wheel to move with the bumps you encounter on the trail. The Druid: "THIS CORNER SLAYING, SQUARE-EDGE HIT DESTROYING HOOLIGAN OF A BIKE WILL TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU RIDE YOUR LOCAL TRAILS FOREVER." An all-around performer, if you're looking for a new companion on the trails, take this bike for a spin.

Rocky Mountain Altitude PowerPlay

Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay A50 (e-bike)

Sizes: M, L

The Altitude Powerplay shares the many of the same attributes as Rocky Mountain's race proven Altitude—geometry, kinematics, and adjustability. So go ahead and smash down chutes, rail through corners, and then turn it up to ”Ludicrous” to get back up to the top faster than you ever thought possible.

Transition Repeater

Transition Repeater (e-bike)

Size: L

"Buckle up and get ready to charge, the Repeater is down for anything. With 160mm travel, 29 inch wheels, the Shimano EP8 motor system, and a 630w battery, you can maximize fun on the ups and the downs. Whether it's a quick rip after work, ditching the shuttle truck, or just the pure joy of exploring that you are after, the Repeater loves it all."

Transition Relay

Transition Relay (e-bike)

Sizes: M, L

Check out our Instagram page for video of the Relay on local trails.

The Relay is a lightweight, long travel, modular mountain bike. The new Relay provides a bike that could provide both an electric and non-electric experience in one chassis. The Relay is light, efficient, and quiet. This provides a more intuitive and natural feel on trail than many would expect from an eMTB. The Relay is here and ready to meet all of your mountain biking needs. Going for a rip with friends on eMTB's? Power it up and head out. Going for a rip with some friends on mountain bikes? Simply remove the battery and hit the trail with no tools required. The Relay does it all.

Santa Cruz Bullit

Santa Cruz Bullit (e-bike)

Size: L

The Bullit is an electric mountain bike designed for tackling the steepest and deepest of trails in both directions. Imagine the kinds of rooty, rocky, horror fests usually reserved for the biggest-hitting bikes. Then imagine what lies beyond that. A full-power Shimano drive unit, 630 Wh battery, 170mm VPP™ travel, a 38mm-diameter fork and DoubleDown tires gives the Bullit a no limits approach. This is a bike for riders who seek downhill bike trails that are out of range of any chairlift or shuttle road.

Santa Cruz Heckler

Santa Cruz Heckler (e-bike)

Sizes: S, M

The Heckler has a huge interchangeable battery (720Wh), which allows riders to access previously unreachable trails, unlock less-used trails and cramming more into less time. The 150mm rear travel (with 160mm travel fork up front) of VPP™ suspension has been tuned to tame big trails on big descents and provide glue-like traction on the climbs. The Heckler has both mixed or dual 29-inch wheel size options and a full range of frame sizes from small to XXL. (Demos are mixed)

Santa Cruz Heckler SL

Santa Cruz Heckler SL (e-bike)

Size: M, L

A sneaky ebike that's lightweight, powerful and has surprising range. All the on-trail traits of a Santa Cruz combined with the FAZUA RIDE 60 drive unit. 150mm of legendary VPP™ suspension, mixed wheels, and progressive geometry makes the Heckler SL a natural handling trail bike. Just with the added power of an ebike.

Yeti 160e

Yeti 160e (e-bike)

Size: M, L

The 160E is Yeti's first electric mountain bike. Yeti brings a totally new suspension design that allows for Yeti's trademark suspension characteristics, but on an e-bike platform.

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