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Crestline Bike Custom Build

Crestline Bikes just released its first frame, and we got our mitts on one of the 50 limited edition frames to build up just right.

Line of Crestline Bike frames

We opened our Crestline box like kids on Christmas morning. It did not disappoint.

Custom Build, here we come....!

Do you have a dream build? Let us help you build it.

This one is a fun custom build because this one is for us. Want to know what happens when two bike nuts get together and build a bike just for them?

We want to be able to have the bike be comfortable for two riders-- me and Jason. There's a slight height difference, so we will need to account for that. To do that we are going to add a reach adjust headset.

Up next, we'll choose a fork and build this out.

Follow along on Instagram

Want to follow along? We'll post our progress on Instagram (@cstreet_bikes).

Just a few upgrades and parts, and we'll have ourselves a sick bike.


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