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Accessory Demos

Itching to try out some new sick bikes?  C Street Bikes offers demo bikes from hard to find companies and top brands-- check it out on the demo bike page.

  We’ve also got cool, slick parts that we want you to try and rental bags so you can take off on your biking excursion. Come check out what we've got in for you to take out for a spin.

Pedaling Innovations

Catalyst Pedals

We know.  These look a little funny.  You're not sure about how they will work.  These pedals aim to provide more power, efficiency, comfort, and stability by supporting your arch.

C Street Bikes has a pair of pedals for you to try.  Go ahead.  Borrow our demo pair.  See for yourself.

Pedaling Innovation.jpg

Evoc Bike Bags

Rent a bag for your next trip

For your next biking adventure, bring along your bike in the Evoc bike bag.  Just remove your handlebar, pedals, and wheels, and you're ready to go.  The bag folds up neatly for when you're not using it.

And even better, instead of buying a new bag for your trip, just rent one from us and be on your way.  $125/week (plus tax).

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