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Giant bikes are in!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Check out our new shipment of bikes from Giant! Call ahead for stock and sizes.

Or, if you see a Giant bike you like online on the Giant website, you can select our store as your pick- up location, and we will get your ride ready for you.

We have a full range of bikes-- bikes for the downhill riders who like to catch air off the jumps and some more casual fare for those who want a bike for both roads and the dirt. You know what they say-- the ideal number of bikes is whatever you've got plus one. Come check them out and let us know what you think.

Casual Riding - Giant Hybrid

Looking for that bike for the ride around the park, some fire roads, and a short escape? We've got you covered with some bikes that work well on the road but also on your off-road excursions. Meet the Escape & Escape Disc.

Off-Roading & Trails - Giant Hardtails and Trail Bikes

If you're just starting out on mountain biking or love to do cross-country trails, a hardtail bike like the Talon or a trail bike like ATX may be for you.

Downhill Riding - Giant Full Suspension Bikes & E-Bikes

If you're looking for a bike for an all-day trail ride and some downhill adventuring, we have a range of full suspension bikes ready for a day on the mountain. My first Giant bike was a Trance, so you can say it's one of my first loves. Check out the new Stance 29, Trance X and the e-Bike version.

Pretty in Blue - Giant Gravel Bike

Revolt2 Sapphire frame

What is a gravel bike? You can expect a bike that rides better than a mountain bike on-road that you're still able to take on an off-road adventure. We've got in a Revolt 2 in from Giant in a beautiful Sapphire blue, waiting for its first rider.



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