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Get your gear

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Our first shipment of gear is here. In picking the brands we wanted to get out to you, we focused on tried and true favorites. Come on by and check out the latest from Fox, Troy Lee Designs and more.

Picture of clothes in-store

Here is a taste of what we’ve got,,,,

Safety first - helmets and pads

Looking forward to tackling that big jump? Trying out that first little gap? Riding in the park? Get your helmet. I am now (cough, cough) years old, and the helmet and pads have for sure helped me stay riding after the inevitable tumbles. Rider comfort keeps improving, so if you haven’t updated your safety gear in a while, you should see what's new.

Riding Comfort

Comfort while riding can make a huge difference in riding in SoCal weather. It’s hot. It’s dry. Sometimes it’s muggy. We got in the latest shorts and jerseys to keep you riding.

The extras

Jason’s always teasing me because I can be… well, let’s just say that I like my accessories to be just right. So, I hope to get to share some of my personal favorites with you.

One of those favorites are the Shokz headphones. They wrap around the back of your head, fit over your ear and conduct the sound through your bones, leaving your ears open, giving you better sound than you ever expected, allowing you to take calls hands-free, and making them hard to lose.

And that’s not all. We have gloves, goggles, mudguards, and more.

Look forward to seeing you in the shop.

Take it easy,




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