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Goings on inside...

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

** UPDATE --November 21, 2022 **

As we approach the shop's first holiday season, I just want to take a minute and say thank you-- thank you to everyone who has stopped by, checked us out, and spread the word about us. Without you, there is no store.

And here is what the store looks like now.

Interior of C Street Bikes
C Street Bikes - view inside the store
Interior view of store
C Street Bikes - View from the front

C Street Bikes Service Area
Bike service area


Where we started over the summer of 2022...

Take a peek at how it's going.

Painting wall green.
Adding some color to the wall...

If you've come by recently, you may have noticed a whole lot of painting, staining, and moving things around. And your bike. Yes, we're servicing bikes. Well, Jason is servicing bikes. I'm still figuring out where the outlets are.

But things are moving along, and we're almost ready to officially open. We'll be getting in Giant, Yeti, Rocky Mountain, Fox, Troy Lee Design, and more...

Installing wall art
Adding a new backdrop...

Super big thank you to Alex, Carlos, Alfonso, and Scott for helping us get this shop off the ground. I'm grateful to count you among our friends.

Staining wood
Staining away...

Hope to see you soon.

Take it easy,




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