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Some gift ideas for the picky biker in your life

Holiday shopping for that biker who seems to know exactly what they want on their bike and is super particular about their grips? What to do? C Street Bikes knows a few of those riders, and here are some ideas...

Picutre of store shelf with googles, grips, handlebars
Our shelf full of goodies…

What do you get for the rider who is super particular?*

The happiest biker is one on the road or the trail. Get them a gift to help keep them riding.

Fix a flats: Stan No Tube Darts ($25)

One fast way to ruin a ride is a flat tire. For use with tubeless tires, this tool can repair punctures quickly with darts and some sealant, and it is still small enough to carry in a pocket.

Portable tool for the trail: CrankBrothers F15 multitool ($49.99)

A portable mini tool that can be taken on rides may be just the thing your rider needs. The F15 is a thin, lightweight, and premium multi-tool. It has a sleek magnetic case and stores 15 tools compactly. It includes a chain tool, spoke wrenches, hex wrenches, screwdrivers, Torx T-25, and a built-in bottle-opener for the ride after the ride.

Another portable tool for the trail: Topeak Mini 10 Multi Tool ($21.95)

The Topeak Mini 10 is lightweight and compact. It includes Torx sizes (T10/T15/T20/T25) and other popular tools (1.5mm / 2 mm/ 3mm/ 4mm/ 5mm/ Phillips) to help with on-the-road adjustments and repairs.

Tools that mount: OneUp Pump and EDC tool combo ($65.99 each)

For the rider who wants to leave everything on the bike, OneUp makes a pump that mounts onto the bike. Combine that with an EDC tool set (short for Every Day Carry), which slides right into the pump, for a compact solution that allows your biker to carry everything onto the trail or road with them.

Tried and true favorite: Jerseys ($50-90)

Jerseys make practical, yet great gifts. Why? Because bike jerseys are more than just any ol' shirt. The best ones have a lot of little features that are specifically designed for mountain bikers.

We carry Fox's Ranger and Defender jerseys and Troy Lee Design's Skyline Air jersey.

For riding in Los Angeles's warmer weather, the Troy Lee Skyline Air jersey provides amazing air flow with its mesh construction that will keep your rider comfortable. This is one of our absolute favorite, go-to jerseys, especially during the summer.

For casual riding, the Fox Ranger remains a people pleaser. For a more durable and heavier duty fit, we recommend the Defender line.

Shokz bone-conducting headphones ($129.95-179.95)

Headphones are tricky on the trail and the road. The helmet needs to go on, and with all the movement, wired headphones can be a tangled mess. But those little wireless buds can fall out and get lost out on a ride. Enter Shokz OpenRun Headphones. These headphones wrap around the back of the head, and rest in front of the ear, leaving the ear open and free. The sound is conducted through the bone, so you get clear sound. I wear mine all day in the shop too and take calls, listen to music, and take them on my morning rides.

EVO Bike Bag Rental ($125/week)

(The happiest mountain biker is one on a trail. What about a trip away with a serving of biking on the side? We have Evo bike bags you can rent to help you and your rider get on some out-of-town trails.

*Prices as of November 24, 2022. See store for most up-to-date pricing.



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