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Big Bike Sales Straight from the Manufacturers!

Get your dream bike now — Transition, Santa Cruz, Rocky Mountain and Yeti Bikes are on sale. (No, this isn’t normal!)

  • Santa Cruz’s first ever factory sale is almost over. Now through end of March, get 15% off pedal bikes and 20% off e-bikes, including special orders. Get your bike or get in your order before this sale ends. (Does not include new SRAM transmission-equipped bikes).

  • Some of the hottest Transition bikes are now 10-20% off too. We’ve even got a large Repeater e-bike for you to demo if you want to try before you buy.

  • Select Rocky Mountain bikes are up to 20% off —but only through April 3. We’ve got the Altitude Powerplay and Element for demo too.

  • And…we’ve got amazing deals on the Yeti SB130 and SB150 on the floor.

  • Check out what we’ve got in stock here. And be sure to contact us to ask about up-to-the-minute stock and sale pricing.


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